NFTR is the first NFT-centric social media platform.

Connect to Web2

NFTR Profiles represent display verified web2 social links. This creates assurance of web2 communication with the true NFT owners. NFT Marketplaces are linked as well.

NFTR Social Media

Communicate natively on NFTR. Direct Message an NFT to inquire about a listing price or cooperative metaverse venture; encrypted off-chain on IPFS. Display posts publicly on behalf of your NFT regarding its opinions on a DAO vote or collection roadmap.

NFT Banking + ERC-6551 Token-Bound Account Support

NFTR supports a trustless, permissionless Banking functionality that allows NFTs to hold and transact tokens.

NFTR is also natively integrating ERC-6551 functionalities to support Token-Bound Accounts facilitated by the ERC-6551 Standard.

On-chain History

Displayed with links to Ethereum transactions:

  • Naming events + transactions

  • NFT transactions

  • DAO participation

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