Disclaimer: The only smart contract listed here that hasn't been audited is the Golden Ticket Contract. To date, no security vulnerabilities have been found. Nifter is an experimental project and requires its users to exercise with caution prior to interacting with any of its contracts.

Currently, the only live Contracts are the Golden Ticket and NFTRegistry Contracts. Other contracts will appear below as they are launched into mainnet.

Golden Ticket Contract


The Golden Ticket Contract is implemented according to the ERC-20 standard. Golden Tickets can be bought and sold on a bonding curve implemented in this contract. The Nifter team selected 1,000 special names that we anticipate will be coveted. In order to name an NFT by one of these names, in addition to the naming fee, the namer must also spend a Golden Ticket. That Golden Ticket will be trapped forever in the Registry Contract. Golden Tickets can also be burnt into the Bonding Curve for ETH, staked for WETH platform revenue, or spent for WETH platform revenue and RNM yield.

NFT Registry Contract


The NFTRegistry Contract is NFTR's main contract, where the magic happens. The Registry Contract state maps NFTs to NFTR names. Users and other protocols can read NFT names or search NFTs by name by reading this contract's state. NFTR's API reads this contract's state to respond to API requests. The contract's audit can be found here.

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