Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFTR?

NFTR is an NFT naming Registry on the Ethereum blockchain.

How is NFTR pronounced?

NFTR can be affectionately referred to as Nifter.

What blockchain will NFTR be launching on?

NFTR will be live on the Ethereum blockchain.

How do NFT Names work?

NFT Names are stored as registrations on the NFTR Registry Contract. They are not tokenized. This has many benefits. As a result, transaction gas is lightweight. When an NFT is transferred, its name remains attached to it, rather than being isolated as a separate token or NFT.

What can a name include?

NFT Names are composed of alphanumeric characters, as short as a single character. Single spaces can be included within a name, but no leading or trailing spaces.

Names are case sensitive for display purposes, but case insensitive for uniqueness. For example, "Happy" can be registered as an NFT name and no other variation of happy may be registered, ie "happy", "HAPPY", "HAppy", etc.

What is the NFT Naming fee?

0.05 ETH.

Are there renewal fees?

No. NFT Name Registrations are forever, unless replaced or transferred by their owner.

Can I sell/transfer NFT Names?

Yes. The native NFTR Name Marketplace faciliates listing and bidding on NFT Names. Within a transaction, the NFTR Registry Contract entries are edited to reflect the name transfer, removing the name from the original NFT and assigning it to a designated NFT.

NFT Names can be transferred from one NFT to another within the same wallet for free (+ gas).

Can NFT Names exist in isolation?

No. NFT Names exist only in association to a designated NFT. If a Named NFT is renamed, the original name is released back to the public pool for future registration. Therefore, it is advisable to first transfer a name to another NFT before renaming.

Is NFTR Live?

NFTR is live, under continued development, at NFTR.name. Golden Ticket minting is live. Nifter Naming is live. NFTR Profiles are live at [name].nftr.name. Some utilities are live with more in development.The NFT Naming Marketplace is not yet live.

Will my NFT Name display in NFT Marketplaces?

Marketplaces, museums, metaverses, etc can simply integrate and display NFT Names by calling the NFTR API. NFTR is focused on encouraging these integrations, though they will occur naturally once NFT Names are adopted as an industry standard.

The logo depicts a baby being baptized, symbolic of the naming of an NFT, as well as the burning of the RNM token within the naming process.

The name I want to register requires a Golden Ticket. What's that?

A Golden Ticket is a token that is needed in addition to 0.05 ETH in order to register a name on NFTR's Top 1000 Name List. Golden Tickets can be bought and sold along a bonding curve at https://www.nftr.name/#/golden-ticket. This mechanism helps ensure fair distribution of the most desirable names.

Golden Tickets may also permit exclusive access to NFTR Features, events, and benefits.

Who's on the Team?

@0xDigitalOil - Founder & CTO

@crypto_jiminy - Design, Business Development, Docs, Community

@YofissNEB - Dev

@ayenisholah - Dev

Oscar Montilla - Designer

Daniel Truque - BD

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