Frequently Asked Questions

What is NFTR?

NFTR is an NFT naming Registry on the Ethereum blockchain.

How is NFTR pronounced?

NFTR can be affectionately referred to as Nifter.

What is the purpose of the RNM token?

The RNM token is the vehicle through which users can name their NFTs, or share in the platform via staking.

How to farm RNM?

4 Methods:
Hold Farming: RNM can be farmed by Holding a curated NFT with a registered name (proportional share of 9 million RNM across 3 months per curated project)
Stake Farming: Staking RNM to the RNM token contract (proportional share of 168 million RNM across 24 months)
GTK Spending: Spend a Golden Ticket (proportional share of 75 million RNM across 12 months)
Naming Rewards: Earn RNM rewards for naming NFTs (proportional share of 234 million RNM across 24 months)

What happens to accumulated RNM rights from Hold Farming when I transfer my NFT?

An NFT’s name, redemption rights to unclaimed RNM, and future RNM accrual rights transfer to the NFT’s new holder.

What blockchain will NFTR be launching on?

NFTR will be live on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the NFT Naming fee?

Initially, NFTs can be named for 0.05 ETH. Beginning on day 91 of a live RNM token, NFTs can be named for the user's choice of 1000 RNM or 0.05 ETH.

What happens to ETH and RNM collected by Naming fees?

100% of ETH proceeds are distributed to RNM Stakers (90%) and GTK stakers/spenders (10%) beginning upon the launch of the RNM token. Prior to the token launch, accrued ETH will be allocated by the Nifter team to serve as trade pair liquidity, in addition to permitting team expansion and project marketing.
Upon the launch of the RNM token, 100% of RNM proceeds will be burned.

How will ETH revenue destined to GTK stakers and spenders vary?

10% of platform ETH revenue will be split pro-rata to GTK spenders and stakers, with both staked and spent tickets being counted equally. However, spent GTKs will receive platform revenue share perpetually, whereas staked tickets will benefit only while they are staked.

Can I see a project sneak peak?

A project webpage is live, though under construction, at Golden Ticket minting is now live. Nifter Naming Launch will occur in July 2022, with the RNM token + full tokenomics launch to follow (date TBA).
The logo depicts a baby being baptized, symbolic of the naming of an NFT, as well as the burning of the RNM token within the naming process.

Do I need to name my NFT before I can accrue RNM tokens via Hold Farming?

Yes, Curated project holders can activate Hold Farming by naming their Curated NFT (free + gas).

What will become of Top 1000 Names rendered inaccessible by Golden Ticket Spending?

The team hasn't decided upon what will happen with inaccessible special names. It's possible they will be orphaned, inaccessible forever.

Does Spending a GTK disqualify me from Golden Ticket holder benefits?

Golden Ticket Spenders will remain eligible for GTK Holder benefits. They will not be able to participate in future opportunities that may involve Spending GTKs, since they have already Spent theirs.

Who's on the Team?

@0xDigitalOil - Founder & CTO
@crypto_jiminy - Design, Business Development, Docs, Community
@YofissNEB - Dev
@ayenisholah - Dev
Oscar Montilla - Designer
Daniel Truque - BD