Changelogs of major frontend releases

v1.2 (current release - feb3-2023)


  1. When navigating to subdomains, UX improves

  2. Verify twitter profile so that the NFT points to a twitter profile.

  3. Naming tweet is automatically detected so that namer (NFT owner) can retweet it straight from the NFTR front.

  4. Warn user if special name is about to be written over.

  5. Better data and search caching.

  6. When hover over marketplace icons, show price of the NFT in each marketplace. If marketplace has NFT for sale, show pink circle, if lowest price show green circle.

  7. Development environments enhanced.



  1. Landing page reworked to make utility of NFTR more clear

  2. Token features separated from Landing Page to its own page

  3. Links to marketplaces on NFT's profile page

  4. Indicate that if no collection is selected or search and "See All" filter is selected, user must search or select collection to show NFTs, along with other text explaining why no NFTs are showing in other situations

  5. 404 Page

  6. Fetch metadata from blockchain if not cached

  7. Only named filter shows NFTs even if no collection is selected, in descending cron order

  8. Show collection logo when pasting contract address into search bar

  9. Restrict US IPs from minting Golden Tickets

  10. Fetch NFT images from marketplace APIs, and if can't locate, fetch from blockchain

  11. Cache items from users wallets that we don't have cached

  12. On profile page fetch metadata from multiple sources if not found

  13. Indicate what address or ENS owns the NFT on the NFT's profile page and link to the owner on Etherscan

  14. Labels with long strings are truncated and hover shows full name

  15. Optimized mobile experience for many form factors

  16. When wallet is connected automatically set filter to ONLY MINE

Bug Fixes

  1. Token id filter stability fix

  2. Filter (see all, only named, only mine) autoscrolling fixes

  3. Wrong network message fix

  4. Warnings when naming an NFT were fixed

  5. Search by contract address labeling fixes

  6. Many pagination fixes and optimizations

  7. NFT alignment fixes on mobile

  8. Limit size of transaction error text box to make it more readable

Coming in the next release

  1. Show prices of the NFT in different marketplaces and highlight the cheapest one

  2. Show an NFT's onchain history (this feature will launch with MVP and be extended heavily in time)

  3. Naming event twitter link so that the tweet is easily retweeted

  4. Subdomain navigation experience better (loading indicator)

  5. Optimize collection caching updates

Coming after that

  1. NFT Banking

  2. NFT Messaging

  3. Social NFTs

  4. Profile Page Plugins (3rd party functionality specific to NFT collections)


Initial release

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