Architecture Overview

Smart contract structure within the NFTR platform

NFTR consists of 5 contracts -- 2 main contracts:

  1. The NFTRegistry (main) contract

  2. The Golden Ticket contract

The front-end at pulls state from the NFTRegistry contract, metadata of ERC721 compliant NFT Projects and CryptoPunks, to allow browsing of NFTs along with their corresponding names.

Registry Contract

Main contract that stores state of NFT names and allows for naming and renaming NFTs. Users interact with this contract to name their NFT.

NFT names are registries in the NFT Registry Contract; not tokens. This reduces gas costs associated with naming and transacting names.

Golden Ticket Contract

ERC20 contract that employs a bonding curve to provide on-demand liquidity. This contract's tokens can be used to name NFTs with names from a special list in addition to the standard 0.05 ETH or 1,000 RNM that is paid as a naming fee.

Naming Credits

Allows users to name NFTs for free. These credits can be spent individually to name NFTs.

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