NFTR Overview

Ethereum's NFT Name Registry + NFT Identity Central


NFTR (NFT Registry) is a decentralized NFT Naming Registry. Naming an NFT grants access to an NFTR Profile with integrated ERC-6551 and native NFTR functionalities.

NFTR is a universally adoptable, interoperable, and composable standard for naming NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. NFTR provides interactive NFT Profiles and provides an API so that any platform can pull and display names alongside NFTs.


NFTs need the accessibility afforded by simple, unique names.

The rise of ERC-6551 Token Bound Accounts accelerates the inevitability of Social NFTs.

NFTR is the first universal, permissionless NFT Naming Registry on Ethereum.

A universal NFT Naming Registry unlocks limitless NFT-centric app potential, hosted within NFTR Profiles, allowing you to BE your NFT.


Adam Ξisenman (@0xDigitalOil) - Founder & Lead Dev

Jiminy (@crypto_jiminy) - Concepts, Docs, Community

Shola - Frontend Dev

This documentation makes every attempt to be an accurate, comprehensive guide to Nifter.

Please join the community Discord if you seek clarifications and/or have questions. Feedback helps this project improve!

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