NFTR Overview

NFT Name Registry


NFTR (pronounced Nifter) is a decentralized NFT naming registry that intends to become a standard. Every NFT holder should be able to name their NFTs within a decentralized database. We have created a universally adoptable, interoperable, and composable standard for doing so on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition to an on-site browsing and naming graphical interface, we provide an API so that any platform can pull and display names alongside NFTs.
NFTR revenue is streamed to its token stakers, enabling users to be owners of the platform.


We have seen the rise of ENS as the go-to place to name Ethereum addresses and conversely to obtain Ethereum addresses from easily typable and memorizable names. NFTR can serve a similar role for NFTs. As many owners grow personal connections with their NFTs, it has become common to refer to them by name instead of token IDs. Until now, there hasn't been a registry where you can reserve a unique name for your NFT. NFTR was built to fill that void.
Our primary vision is to empower NFT owners to add the finishing touch to their NFT, meanwhile adding a value-layer since chosen names will be unique and transactable. Even a low value NFT could accrue a significant value-add if it's the only one named Ape, for example. Additionally, we anticipate that marketplaces, metaverse museums, among other protocols, will pull NFT names and display them alongside the NFTs. Lastly, considering NFTR's Hold Farming mechanism, all holders of NFT projects that the DAO adds to the Curated Project List will accrue RNM, allowing their NFTs become non-collateralized passive yield farming NFTs.

The Basics

In order to register your NFT's name on NFTR or change its current name, two conditions must be met:
  • You must own the NFT you wish to name
  • You must spend a naming fee of 0.05 ETH or 1,000 RNM (after the third month), our native token
NFTR will maintain a list of Curated NFT Projects. Projects will be added to the Curated list periodically, upon qualification in the Curation Competition or eventual DAO consideration. When a project is added, each NFT's owner will be able to name their NFT without paying a naming fee and will begin farming a portion of RNM allocated to Curated Project Hold Farmers.
The first such project will be Bored Ape Yacht Club. At project launch, all BAYC owners will be able to name their Ape for free and initiate RNM Hold Farming.
An NFT project does not need to be a member of the Curated list in order for its NFTs to be named. At launch, in addition to BAYC, all owners of ERC721 compliant NFTs (or CryptoPunks) will be able to name their NFT by spending 0.05 ETH as a naming fee.
RNM total supply is capped at 1,000,000,000 tokens and is distributed initially and over time as described in RNM Tokenomics. RNM tokens can be obtained by either farming or purchase on the open market.
Names registered in NFTR must be unique (case insensitive) and can only consist of letters a-z, digits 0-9, with no leading or trailing spaces. Single spaces may be included throughout a name. Therefore, if a name is already taken, another NFT will not be able to register said name unless it is released by the original registrant within a renaming, or purchased in the NFTR Marketplace.
There is a list of 1,000 special names that include many of the most desirable. In order to name your NFT with one of these names, you will need to spend a Golden Ticket in addition to the naming fee. Golden Tickets can be bought and liquidated on a bonding curve available on NFTR.


Adam Ξisenman (@0xDigitalOil) - Founder & Lead Dev
Jiminy (@crypto_jiminy) - Concepts, Docs, Community
Yofiss - Frontend & NFT Collection Caching
JackSanYoda - Dev
This documentation makes every attempt to be an accurate, comprehensive guide to Nifter.
Please join the community Discord if you seek clarifications and/or have questions. Feedback helps this project improve!
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