Coinbase is an application that allows you to connect to traditional fiat infrastructure and deposit fiat (USD or Euros, for example) for conversion into Ethereum and transfer to your Ethereum wallet.

Create a Coinbase account

Visit Coinbase’s official guide on Make sure Coinbase is offered in your country.

Deposit fiat into your Coinbase account

Depositing fiat is necessary in order to purchase Ethereum. The possibilities vary depending on your country and currency. Specifics can be found here:

In addition to depositing directly through the mobile application, deposits can also can also be completed using the following steps:

  1. Select "Deposit" on the lower left of the screen

  2. Select the currency you want to deposit

  3. Select the payment method tab, then From, then Add Account

  4. You will be directed to to complete the payment verification process

Buying Ethereum

Once your Coinbase account is funded with fiat, follow Coinbase's guide for purchasing Ethereum, linked here:

Transfer Ethereum from Coinbase to Metamask

  1. Copy your Metamask Ethereum wallet address by clicking "Account 1" in the Metamask extension

  2. On Coinbase, select "Send/Receive" in the top right corner

  3. Select "Send"

  4. Select to "pay with" Ethereum. You may specify the amount in terms of Ethereum or fiat.

  5. Paste your Metamask address in the "To" field.

  6. Click "Continue"

  7. Confirm the transaction

  8. Check your Metamask wallet for the receieved funds. This may take time to process.

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