Ethereum Wallet

NFTR participation requires activity on the Ethereum blockchain.

Follow the instructions below to establish a Metamask Ethereum wallet.

Download the Metamask browser extension

  1. Install Metamask

  2. Set up wallet

  3. Back up wallet

  4. Send Ethereum to this wallet's address from an intermediary application (ie Coinbase or Transak)

1. Install Metamask

Visit to download and install the browser extension

2. Set up wallet

When a new browser tab opens, select "Get Started". Then select "New Wallet". Then, select a secure password and accept the Terms of Use.

3. Back up wallet

If you are equipped to do so, click: Download this Secret Backup Phrase and keep it stored safely on an external encrypted hard drive or storage medium.

  • Otherwise, select "Click here to reveal secret words". Store these words manually, or using a secure password manager

  • Click "Next"

  • Select the 12 words in the correct order to confirm your backup words

  • Click "Confirm" and your wallet set up is complete

4. Receive Ethereum

  • Open Metamask extension

  • Click "Account 1" to copy wallet address

  • Send Ethereum to this address from another source (ie Coinbase or Transak)

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