Why NFT Names

NFTR is the ENS of NFTs.
Naming an NFT uniquely within the universal Nifter namespace unlocks immense utility.

Web3 Identity

NFT Personalities

As web3 progresses, it will be more common to identify with your favorite NFTs than your Ethereum wallet. In fact, web3 participants do this now, by adjusting their pfp within different NFT Discord communities to better represent the relevant portion of their collective web3 identity.
It will become common to have numerous NFT-based web3 personalities for different environments. Unique names in a universal registry are essential to complete + reference these identities.

NFTR Utility

NFT Domains

An NFT named "John" has a webpage at This makes NFTs easily reachable and referable, as ENS has accomplished with wallets. NFTR domains will have embedded dApps and functionalities, detailed below.

NFT P2P Messaging

NFT p2p messaging allows web3 users to engage differently depending on their associated network. Easily identifiable NFT names and direct p2p messaging facilitate direct contact regarding trade discussions, professional opportunities, and more.

NFT Banking + Payments

Payments can be made directly to NFTs via their name. As such, named avatars in web3 games will be able to yield rewards directly to their NFTs.

Endorsements + Branding

As NFTs grow in popularity via more functional use cases, more NFTs will be uniquely identifiable. These celebrity NFTs, once named, will be able to leverage Nifter to establish and display on-chain endorsements of set timeframes.

AdHoc NFT Groups

To date, NFT sub-communities are comprised of NFTs (or simply, individuals) within the same collection. Relating NFTs by their Nifter names allows for heterogenous groupings of NFTs to form. Nifter Groups can be used by DAOs, business members, private NFT societies, and brands to form an official cross-collection of NFTs. These Groups can be used then as the recipients of distributed revenue, weighed voting decisions, and more.

Nifter Guest List

Given that the names of NFTs within a collection are simply identifiable, Nifter Names can be leveraged to verify possession of a collection's NFT without connecting a wallet elsewhere. If your Nifter Name is on the list, you're in.


As a new on-chain primitive in web3, any dApp is able to leverage the universal NFT namespace in innovative ways to create new utility + value propositions.