NFT Naming is live. NFTs can be named for a fee of 0.05 ETH. After the RNM token launch, NFTs can optionally be named for 1000 RNM instead of 0.05 ETH. Naming will occur exclusively in ETH until the launch of the RNM token, some months after Nifter Naming is live. This provides ease of use for different types of participants: RNM yielders can use their RNM directly for NFT Namings, while users from outside of the ecosystem can name their NFTs without an additional swap to exchange into the RNM token.
When a named NFT is sold, the name remains associated with the NFT. The new owner assumes ownership and control of the NFT name. When selling a named NFT, it is best to sell the associated name or swap it to another NFT within your ownership. Otherwise, the NFT's name may contribute to its percieved market value.
100% of RNM used to Name NFTs will be burnt, while ETH accrued via naming fees will be allocated to ecosystem participants 90/10.


Renaming an NFT refers to registering an NFT that has previously been named in NFTR with a new name. Before renaming an NFT, it is wise to sell the original name, or reallocate it to another NFT in your wallet. If an NFT with a registered name is registered with a new name, the original name will be released to the public, becoming obtainable for a new registration.

Reallocating Owned Names

In NFTR, it will be possible to reallocate a name registered to an NFT to any other NFT within the same wallet for free via NFTR's platform. Reallocating a name is a wise move before renaming a named NFT, as a means of maintaining ownership of the original name.

Naming + Marketplace ETH Fees

90% RNM Stakers
10% GTK Stakers/Spenders (Stakers and Spenders will be counted on an equal basis)