Holders of curated NFT collections will be able to register curated NFTs with a name on NFTR for free + gas. If a curated NFT is named within the 3 month Hold Farming window, the wallet holder will begin accruing Hold Farming yield.
Curation is a desirable status for the free name, RNM yield generation, as well as for being displayed as Curated on NFTR alongside bluechip projects such as BAYC and CryptoPunks.

Periodic Curations

The Nifter DAO will curate one NFT collection per month, beginning with the launch of the RNM token. 10 collections will be curated. The curated projects may be based on qualifications of contestants in the Curation Competition.

Curation Competition

Apart from the curation of bluechip NFT projects, other NFT projects with the highest volume of participation will be considered for curation as well. The qualification of such curations will be decided by the Protocol and eventual Nifter DAO. Invite a project to be included in the leaderboard here.
Participation is defined as the # of named NFTs among uncurated collections. NFT collections leading in NFTR participation may be curated.
Conditions for extracurricular Curation: Collections must reach certain thresholds, adjustable by the NFTR Protocol and eventual DAO, such as 1,000+ holders and 1,000+ named NFTs to qualify. Qualification totals may be considered uniquely for projects with fewer NFTs.