Governance rights and responsibilities of the NFTR platform will initially be held by the Team (executed by the Gnosis Safe) and will be transferred to RNM token holders pro-rata once the service and its corresponding DAO has matured. Control of the registry's Treasury will be transferred along with platform governance.
Some of the parameters that are controlled via governance include:

New Project Curation Procedure

Governance can decide to modify the competition and/or qualification structure to curate new projects into the registry.
Governance may decide upon projects to add to the Curated List. Curations will permit free naming of NFTs within the collection. A period of 3 months of Hold Farming will initiate once a collection is curated.
Governance may vote to extend curations beyond 10 collections and to use Treasury funds to create Hold Farming incentives for these collections.
Upon the formation of a DAO, projects may be nominated for curation via Snapshot where RNM holders will vote pro-rata.
Initially, voting weight will be proportional to held RNM, with multipliers for holders benefitting the protocol (e.g. 2x for Staking). These figures may be revisited and adjusted by NFTR Governance.